2019 Nitto ATP Finals - WTF - The O2, London

Who wins the 2019 ATP Finals?

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Catching the tail end of the second set of the dubs.

To some regard I'm still surprised that the Colombians got a slam (two slams this year if I remember correctly). Always felt like they are a bit outclassed by the stronger doubles teams.


So Thiem beats Federer, Tsitsipas beats Medvedev, and Nadal gives up a break to Zverev early in the first.

If Nadal also loses, then we see the Nadal-Medvedev matchup we were expecting (and only one of them will make it to the semis, if that).


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I had a choice of whether I wanted to watch fed lose live or fed win live. I chose fed lose live in the hope that he may somehow pull it off on Thursday but right now it looks like a straight sets loss


do you think fed just hasnt found his timing on this court? i figured the quicker courts would be somewhat of an advantage, or well quick in relative terms anyways.


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Just caught the match at 6-5 Fedr. Has Big Berr been playing this well since the start? Berr's last service game was ridic, almost all 1st serves. Good thing The Old Man played a great TB. Been losing too many of them as of late.