2019 RG QF: Federer vs Wawrinka


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Literally lost breaks in first and last sets, with the last one being especially important, if that isn't choking I don't know what is. Overall yes, your right, but like how Fed could have hit a bigger serve or something else in USO 2011, Nole could have done something better as well
no, it wasn't choking at all. Fed GOATed to break back in that 4th set. Absolutely nothing wrong Djokovic did.
He saved 21/25 BPs. got in 21/25 1st serves on BPs. that's the definition of clutch. Nowhere near choking.

The balls were literally an assumable reason as to why Federer was able to go toe to toe with Novak. Even if it didn't matter, it's plenty telling what happened in RG 2012 with normal balls even if you say Fed was playing ass, and yes, the latter was a more important reason, but that doesn't eliminate the former
its not about me saying Federer playing a** in RG 2012 semi. its what it was. The stats I mentioned show that clearly as well.

It's arguable sure, but using the RG 2011 SF as the singular determiner is what's wrong, not the actual peak vs peak debate on RG
fair enough. I never said it was a singular reason and won't say so.
He did it for five hours in his last match. ;)
Yes but this is Roger Federer not an inexperienced new top player. Looking at the baseline stats, it's amazing Stan held Tsitsipas off because he won way more baseline points on average this tournament than Wawrinka. Djokovic and Nadal are #1 and #2...i think Khachanov is good, Thiem is pretty good, Nishikori is good...but Wawrinka was like in the doldrums. He and Zverev are winning the least amount of baseline points but Stan did pick up his level in his last match.
Wawrinka is 34...older than Federer was at Wimbledon 2015. Guess both of Djokovic's wins over Federer count as wins over the real, prime Federer. Djokovic is 2-1 against Federer at Wimbledon. He's the better grass court player.