2019 RG QF: Federer vs Wawrinka


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38 years old number 3 in the world unbelievable this guy the world of tennis is really hurting bad when you can't take down a 38 year old guy on clay
one of the Bulgarian commentators is suggesting Fed-Stan were never friends but simply "professional acquaintances"

they respect each other but do not share a friendship off the court

i suspect he's very very wrong
OK, someone please give me the heads up, joining this match now.
Solid play from both. Stan struggling on serve. Fed squanders some BPs but holding with ease. Both guys playing alright and Stan seems okay physically out there. God knows if he's knackered and just hiding it well.

Mr Feeny

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4-4 as Stan serves big out wide in the ad court.
Federer then with a big cross court slice and Stan has trouble dealing with it. Into the net to give Federer another mini break.