2019 RG QF: Federer vs Wawrinka


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i think it's obvious to anyone who's watched both these players in the last decade that there's more there than just "professional respect"

i'm not saying they're best friends or anything but it's not just business as usual kind of thing
i think they get on well, i dont think they are going on vacations together tbh i get the feeling that when they go back to switzerland they live seperate lives, but i also think fed/stan do have a connection than just being co-workers if that makes sense. but fed now is not hte time to be seeing these connections
Yeah, this will likely be straight sets for Federer. Wawrinkas's legs movement isn't there. Not getting into position for shots in time... which brings unforced errors. Not able to get enough first serves in because of lack of leg drive (all of them are going into the net).

Unfortunate, but he had a hell of a run coming back and a great year so far after coming back from double knee surgery.


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Wow Stan had such a nice return for once to set up a good spot to bring it to deuce but another terrible backhand error hands Roger the game.
Prediction: Stan won't break Federer no more than once today and that will have to be Federer losing concentration and blowing a service game.
Why always this, even from you?

Winning is everything for VB - the easier, the epicer?
i mean listen i was out there hoping tsitsipas and stan would go on longer if it meant easier for fed. although with MN, idk why he's acting like even a 1 hour match with stan would mean anything but a win from rafa.