2019 Roland Garros FINAL: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem

Who wins?

  • The KING in 3

  • The KING in 4

  • The KING in 5

  • PRINCE of CLAY in 3

  • PRINCE of CLAY in 4

  • PRINCE of CLAY in 5

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Nadal is serving like Djokovic, he’s taking so much time to serve. It’s disgusting.
tbh i think nadal in general is the slower server. both are bad, but nadal wins by a bit so its a bit innacurate to say he is serving like nole when i think he typically takes a bit longer.

La Grande

The tldr version is she's completely full of herself and has made a lot of stupid comments about her doubles partner Garcia and other WTA players.

Then she got her taste of karma and lost like 17 matches in a row.
Ahhh I remember the Garcia thing!


Nadal started to hit too many unforced and Thiem's serve in the set as well as the first shot after the set have been amazing.


Hall of Fame
That's too bad....now I think Thiem will beat Nadal.......unless he runs out of gas...however, Nadal is 33 years old....a grandpa in tennis years.


Now this is a final. Well done Thiem, win or lose, hes done a lot of work to get to this point. Surely he is a future RG champ even if not tbis year, depending on for how many years Nadal can maintain the level he is showing


Match over. Thiem's got this in 4.

Expect Nadal to fade away in set 3 and set 4. He looks SLOW, tired, gassed and out of ideas. Thiem is BY FAR the better player out there.

The prince of clay will now be the King of clay. The baton is finally passed. Well played for the young Austrian.
Beating Djokovic and Nadal back to back is the way to do it. Awesome.