2019 Roland Garros FINAL: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem

Who wins?

  • The KING in 3

  • The KING in 4

  • The KING in 5

  • PRINCE of CLAY in 3

  • PRINCE of CLAY in 4

  • PRINCE of CLAY in 5

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When Rome happened - it was clear only Djokovic could pull upset. Otherwise it was always NID 12th RG for Nadal.

Thiem could have performed better if hadn't been so tired but I just don't think he is mentally tough enough to win at biggest stages.
Imagine the furore if Nadal was the one playing 4 days in a row. Would they be playing the final today ? Absolutely not.
Or if Thiem was in Nadal's half and hence he'd face Thiem and Djoko back to back.


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Yea 7-5 in the 5th set. Nadal hasn't straight setted Djokovic at RG since 2008, and that was the last time he did in any Slam. What you're saying is nonsense. End of story.
That has no impact whatsoever in their hypothetical matchup this year. End of story.

Federer and Del Potro

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Yeah, I agree again with most of this. My main point is that Nadal can't play his B game and expect to win off clay majors anymore. Whether that means cumulative depletion or a Fed/Djokovic loss I don't know, but Nadal can't play average for a whole GS anymore and win it.

As for the last part, tbh I haven't cared about that in a while. In fact, it would create utter chaos here, and I would love it, because if Nadal only won RGs from here on out to pass Fed, I really think Fed still has a legit argument there anyway, unless Nadal surpasses him by a few.
Rafa much more beatable on non clay if it’s not his A game that’s definitely true. That said even still it’s a short list of people that have actually capitalized on that and usually it’s been Fed or Djoker doing it not the rest of the tour.


When Federer won his 18th - majority of Fed fans agreed "GOAT race is over". Despite losing that match, Nadal hit 18th Slam in just 2 and 1/2 years after that. 21 is very much within reach for Nadal. To be safe, Federer needs 22+


thiem in the last two sets played like a drunken red faced Austrian driving a small tractor to a tractor meeting with dozens of tractors,a lot of booze and no women.


Bow to the Champion: Rafael Nadal.

Unbelievable. He makes this look so simple, but his records on clay will be preserved for posterity.

What a player. Congrats to all Nadal fans.

Commiserations to Thiem fans. He gave it his all out there. Only a brave man would bet against him winning French Open in 2020.

Vamos Rafa Nadal

I am doing my happy dance! :) So happy, esp. that Rafa finally got to #18! :)

I love Dominic Thiem and happy for him to have made it to the final and to have won a set this year! :)


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You mean except for the inside in, inside out, and down the line rockets? Even on the backhand side?

You Fed fanboys are the absolute worst. You guys started the fanboy illness that pervaded Nadal and Djokovic fanboys.
I agree on the Fed fanboys. They can be horrible, but I'm not sure your second sentence is true. Fed could have 2 majors, and if Djokovic and Nadal had a ton more they'd be comparatively "worse." Because winning majors nets you fans, and fanboys, and Federer has the most majors and as a result the most fanboys.


Come on Thiem! You're a great guy and great player, but you need to show some emotion.

Being stoic is not always being strong. It's OK to show some emotion

Daniel Andrade

Ok, 12 RG's and 18 slams overall.

Congrats to Rafa and his team.

Now, to real questions.

As a Rafa fan, I don't enjoy his RG titles as much, especially past his 10th.

For some reason, everything past that number doesn't feel special anymore in this regard.

Instead, I would appreciate much more a title in the AUS. Only one there, difficult af.

Or even so, only one, only one title in Wimbledon. More difficult.

But as a fan, I would appreciate them more. That's why I would appreciate also if he would play less and less tournaments, even masters1000 so he could focus more on slams. Thoughts?


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Congrats to Nadal for making history again. Lol at people moaning all the time about unfair scheduling. Thiem wouldn’t have won it anyways, he is not a bad clay courter by any means but neither a Kuerten/Borg or even Federer/Djokovic. Today’s field is abysmal, this is why Thiem can make deep runs at the French constantly, but a real all time clay court talent in his prime would have already beaten Nadal or at least forced him to 5. Thiem is 25 and supposed to be one of the fittest players in tour, he should be able to play three days in a row. Tiredness or unfair scheduling did not decide today’s result.