2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)


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Is there a chance of the wind dying out completely in the coming hour?

I don't know much about meteorology.

I still think Fed has a chance if the conditions are normal. But can they change that fast?
Federer thrives in heavy clay conditions. Take a look at his performances at Hamburg, notoriously known for heavy conditions. People saying Federer cannot hit through the court because it is slow, aren't seeing that if Nadal is unable to get Federer into an uncomfortable position by getting the ball to bounce up high, Federer will have a better chance to T off a shot which first opens up the court, and then allowing him to step in and blast a winner into the opposite direction. I can garantee that Nadal will be doing a lot of running from side to side today.
Well, Federer plays quick, precision based tennis. Even more so than a few years ago. Almost impossible in heavy, windy conditions. Big ad Rafa who plays with less risk.
So they buy centre court tickets and it turns out to be Fed and Nadal and they decide nah I'm not gonna bother it's too windy.

Yes, basically. Not that I like that, but that’s how it goes with many of these fans.

Others might just be late to come back after the women’s match.


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Federer seems completely off his rhythm. He would do well to make this set last as long as possible, and await better conditions. Nadal doesn't seem bothered at all.