2019 Roland Garros Semifinal: Nadal (2) vs Federer (3)


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Federer should just forfeit the match.

In all seriousness, we said it would be a HUGE success for him to be in the second week of RG. Just to have the opportunity to even play a SF and reach Nadal in the draw is a moral victory in itself.
Would be cool if Fred could just go out there, swing freely and see what happens - maybe prolong the match a bit. Taking a set would be extraordinary
i mean goffin got a set.. wouldnt really be extraordianry if roger got one set


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If memory serves, Federer has only lost to Dominic Thiem this clay season. Nadal has lost to Thiem (much more easily), and also to Fognini (who's out of the French Open) and Tsitsipas (also out of the French Open).

So by this objective, Lewesian method of analysis, it seems clear that Federer is currently the superior clay-courter and should win this match.

Opening at a tasty 7/1 with the bookies, you may want to get your bets in quickly, before the market awakens to these irrefutable facts.


I think we will see a very determined Rafa who will want the match much more than his opponent, similar to the Rome final.

With that being said, I think it'll be a competitive match nonetheless.


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You know, the pipe dream of a Thiem–Federer excites me tremendously, but I also fear it might result in gangrene in parts I would rather not be without.



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I didn't hear that at all, Robinson said it would be "extremely difficult" for Roger to beat Nadal on PC and Courier was even more pessimistic, saying, "let's be honest, this will be a very, very difficult challenge for Fed. Not impossible, but extremely difficult."
I'd actually tuned in just after Courier, where they tried to make the audience forget that this is on clay and so forth. Also, they said Courier had mentioned Federer's larger frame and the fact that he didn't get bullied by Stan. It was all a very cringey listen.


Fed will probably beat Nadal just to lose to Djokovic in the final, the ultimate irony for Fed-fans. Then i will know for sure the world is an evil place:D
stress of a fed fan here, lose to rafa or lose to novak with yet a runner up trophy, ideally being in the final is better, but do i really need to see that happen again and have him collect a runner up plate, only this time its novak and not rafa at rg.


It to bad the Rafa and Roger have been long time friends! It will be fun to watch them finally in another match again. It been a while too. But I expect Rafa to come through like does at FO and win because he king of clay and Roger had a tough go with Stan!


sissy pause would have destroyed fed because he would have had the energy to taking it to Fed that has absolutely no chance of guessing that all it's going to be a total beatdown with bakery products included in all three sets
Fed will probably beat Nadal just to lose to Djokovic in the final, the ultimate irony for Fed-fans. Then i will know for sure the world is an evil place:D
A lot has to happen for this scenario to play out. Nadal is still the big favourite for the title but I’m hoping Djoko will have a good chance with the great form he in!
Come on, it seems like the most likely outcome.
Chatrier this year is way faster than before and the bounce is lower. Federer is now playing his best tennis on clay since 2011 while Nadal is having one of his worst ever clay seasons. Nadal also didn't beat Federer in the last 5 and a half years. I would say him winning in straight sets is very unlikely.


Did you ever see players servebotting on Chatrier until this year? This year both Federer and Djokovic are getting a lot of advantage thanks to their serve.
No actual evidence that Chatrier is faster - they could have both just played poor returners.

Second point - faster courts don't hinder Nadal and don't always help Fred - he needs lower bouncing surface and I am yet to see evidence of lower bounce here

They should both be in decent shape though as there's 3 days worth of rest for both of them


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The result is NID. Rafa will win. But the scoreline will depend on the weather conditions. If it's cloudy and overcast I expect Federer to take a set. Otherwise, the backhand bullying will get it done in 3.
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