2019 Shanghai QF- (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Alexander Zverev

Who wins?

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Choke averted. Zed deserved it to be honest, he was the better player by a margin, should have won it in 2. Also Nacho Forcadell is a legend for giving Federer a point penalty. :-D :-D


Federer almost never wins this kind of matches. Nadal is master of it (winning despite being worse player on day). There is more probability of Federer losing despite being better player than opposite happening. But he makes it very close every time. Never go out without fighting.

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Zverev lands his first top 10 win of 2019 and it's a real big one, knocks out #3 Federer in 3 sets to reach the Shanghai SF's.
Well, this time Federer didn't get away with such a terrible level. Zverev was definitely much better today, but the mentality made it too close.