2019 Shanghai QF- (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Alexander Zverev

Who wins?

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Robert Baratheon

Novak loses to Tsitsipas.
Fraud loses to Zverev.
but whatever Congrats @Meles
Hope Thiem kills Zverev now
Long live Thiemination.
Down with Zverevism.


Talk Tennis Guru
LOL, those are some absolutely brutal volleys Fed has come up with to save some of those match points.

And Zverev comes up with a brutal volley of his own, not so much in positive terms.


Volley of the year. Volley of the decade. Volley of the century. Volley of history.
Lmao, players already can't beat Federer from a triple matchpoint on serve? Wow, the tour is honestly a joke. How did Dimitrov get the job done in USO?


Hall of Fame
Some ridic play from Federer the last few points to break.

Fed will probably go back into his shell in the TB.
That’s what I fear as well. Normally he fights back from near defeat only to lose it again. But anyway, how great were those 5 points from 40-0, no matter what happens now.