2019 Shanghai QF- (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Alexander Zverev

Who wins?

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Fed facing BP in his every service game in the 3rd, it'll be a miracle if he wins it. But again - it's Zverev of all people.

mike danny

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I think it's more to do with his fighting spirit. He makes it very competitive even when he is getting outplayed. DjoKovic would lose it 6-4 6-3 while Federer gonna make it 6-3 6-7 6-2
If yiu don't go on to win, there's no point in trying to come back.


I kinda wish angry Fed could turn up at clutch times against Nadal/Djokovic. He doesn't play amazing but he doesn't choke either. Nice steady level...


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That judge is awful.
Fed of all people didn't deserve this. He is legend of sport and one of all time fairest player.
F-cking Nadal and Djokovic should be punished EVERY single game for abusing time clock


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Why does Roger have trouble with Sascha?
100% timing. Each time Zverev beat Fed Fed was in poor form or injured.

Look when Nadal got to play Zverev and on which surfaces. Played twice on HC but before Zverev reached a good level in mid 2017. The other 3 matches after that were on clay.

mike danny

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Federer not holding at 2-5 in the decisive set and not even asking his opponent the question if he can serve it out is another awkward tradition, starting with the two lost Slam finals in 2009.
This feels exactly like early 2009 with his confidence issues.

No recovery from this one though.


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Dare I say it, Zed is playing well. Fed is not playing shockingly, just not well enough to very Street's form today.

Roger may still get a chance to get back into this match though. Let's see.

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Is there a chinese version of Uniqlo? Uni-Chow cause now Fed wont have a chance
to upgrade to anything but maybe Stepanek and Berdych past rags