2019 TTW Awards-Biggest Letdown Player

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He also has notable flaws in his game which he has not addressed at all in the last two seasons.
I agree, but my dislike of him is extraneous from his boring game. I detested it when he dissed an ATG (Lendl, my fave player ever) and mocked him in the world's press. A scrub who has never earned his way in the game (zero slams), shuts his effing mouth when dissing Lendl who has 8 of them and was a dominant #1 player for three straight years.


It has, but he fizzled out in the slams after the AO.

And still no title above a 250.
I remember he said in Australia that one of his big goals for the year was reaching the semi-finals of a slam (along with Top 10, winning a 1000, and qualify for London). He accomplished that right away and then idk what happened.

His year really stalled after the RG loss to Stan that he had a great chance to win but blew it. It seemed to really break him mentally because after that it was 1st round exits at Wimbledon, Canada, Cincy and NY to cap off a horrendous summer.


I’ve never expected much from Tiafoe because of the FH and lack of variety. I don’t like Zverev but I definitely thought he’d turned a corner with the WTF victory over both ND and RF. All those double faults and poor form for many months, it’s surprising he made the WTF this year IMO. Shapovalov has been a disappointment as well but he wasn’t positioned to have high expectations this year like Zverev. Khachanov similarly to Zverev has been a big surprise given the win over ND in Paris. I’d pick Zverev. I’ve been waiting for these monsterously tall guys to take over, but one after the next starting with Janowicz they’ve been a disappointment. Fine with me.


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My pick is 40-15.

RF could have been in the YE1 race had he won a few key matches.

I suppose Kachanov and Zverev are letdowns but it was to be expected they'd struggle after their best seasons.
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