2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

Match result prediction poll

  • Rafa in 3

    Votes: 36 29.0%
  • Rafa in 4

    Votes: 43 34.7%
  • Rafa in 5

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Daniil in 3

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Daniil in 4

    Votes: 25 20.2%
  • Daniil in 5

    Votes: 10 8.1%

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One of the best tactical matches I have seen Nadal play. I did say Med's serve would be nullified I didn't know his groundies would be too.
He's not. He's played a lot tennis and he's never won a 5 set match. It would be beyond a miracle for him to win.
Check back with me after the AO, but I think Med has a game that can be figured out and beat when aggressive. He relies on defense to win, and I think he will fade here in the near future. I definitely could be wrong, but his game needs some pop to it.


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Nadal has deconstructed Medvedev's defense. Even if Med were to lose this, he played a very respectable match. His defense is actually very good - he saved a lot of balls and made Nadal hit one more shot or quality shot.


Cuz sometimes it's actually hilarious with some of the dumb **** he spits out then he just keeps going and going...it's like, just stfu once in a while and actually support Rafa since you're a Rafa fan. Or claim to be one.
I think whats hilarious about StrongRule is not the dumb **** he says, but the people that are trolling him back :)


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I can’t believe med’s stamina.
Would be bad if he didn’t have this stamina after 2 and a half hours. Otherwise he wouldn’t have any chance in Best of 5. He didn’t play yesterday and only had 3 sets on Friday.

But he said he doesn’t like Best of 5, so indeed is was questionable.