2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

Match result prediction poll

  • Rafa in 3

    Votes: 36 29.0%
  • Rafa in 4

    Votes: 43 34.7%
  • Rafa in 5

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Daniil in 3

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Daniil in 4

    Votes: 25 20.2%
  • Daniil in 5

    Votes: 10 8.1%

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I hope you’ll do it after the match. Because why should a tennis fan want to miss a 5th set of a Slam final? ;)
I know thanks for caring! I have been on and off the match for last two set's, just too much suspense not good for the heart. I will bring my phone and follow the score and return to see the conclusion :)


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A waste of time watching Nadal....could have done other things. Don't really like this Medvedev at all...I was hoping Nadal could win.


This so unbelievably similar to the AO 18 final.

Rafa faced with a dicey hold game to start the 5th after choking the 4th, just like Roger.
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