2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

Match result prediction poll

  • Rafa in 3

    Votes: 36 29.0%
  • Rafa in 4

    Votes: 43 34.7%
  • Rafa in 5

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Daniil in 3

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Daniil in 4

    Votes: 25 20.2%
  • Daniil in 5

    Votes: 10 8.1%

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Aussie Darcy

Bionic Poster
Wonder if Nadal will shake the chair umps hand. I mean it's a slam final so probably will but shall be an interesting exchange.
He even had 2 matchpoints and missed both. On the first one he had no chance. On the second one he missed a second serve return. Now I have no doubt he will get broken and lose. The biggest choke ever. Federer choked from two matchpoints in Wimbledon, same will happen to Nadal here. And he also was a double break up.
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Bionic Poster
Two match points come and gone and now Rafa has a second chance to serve it out. Does anybody have any confidence that he will do so??
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For anyone who thought Med wasn't special or wasn't gonna win a slam, he's gonna be winning multiple ones at that. This is tremendous development for him especially against Nadal who I feel you can get the best experience out of and he hasn't got a problem with the field either, he carves through it like butter.