2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

Who's gonna win?

  • Roger gets charged w/ murder

  • Roger is slow in 1st set

  • Roger in 5

  • Baby fed.

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Fed's got to up his game if he wants to survive this match!
No coasting anymore my friend.
This match is entirely yours for the winning or losing.


Fed was in trouble as soon as this was a night match. Doesn't matter who's on the other side of the net. I believe the final at US Open is a night match? That should be banned. It is ageist.
Well unless Fed is moving over to the women's draw, no the final is not at night.


Talk Tennis Guru
Too many shanks. Fed's not patient enough on many of these points. That's like the story of his career in the last 6-7 years.