2019 US Open QF: (3) Federer vs Dimitrov

Who's gonna win?

  • Roger gets charged w/ murder

  • Roger is slow in 1st set

  • Roger in 5

  • Baby fed.

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Anyone have an idea what racket/pattern and string combo dimitrov is using this US open? I know he was fiddling patterns earlier this year, but seems to found his groove again with this stick. The cross strings look gold. Luxilon 4g?



Where's whatshisface asking for the proof of Federer's injury?

Yeah, Federer lost a set to a guy who never won an ATP match in the first round here because he just suddenly got old after beating Nadal and having 2 championship points vs. Djokovic. Right.


Neither are playing that well. Both are hitting more unforced errors than winners, and Dimitrov has 6 double faults to 0 for Fed.
This is when unforced errors is not telling the whole story.

The guys are smacking the hell out of the ball out there, and the other is just playing great shots.


This seems so similar to last year where Fed just got drained. Even if he wins (iffy now), this likely dooms any hope of #21 happening Sunday. Too much energy spent.

Makes Stan’s loss even more annoying. So wanted him to get #4 but would have taken Fed #21 as a consolation prize.


Well back issues would explain the crappy play. Of course people will say he just took an MTO to disrupt GD’s momentum.