2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

Who wins the women's final?

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Got to be nerves, she hits sitter balls back to Bianca. Fed admitted he started getting nervous more as he aged.
Its clearly nerves. As I hinted yesterday, the magnitude of this being the chance to bookend her first USO victory (the first majors victory of her career) and matching Court could get to her. I do believe if there were no record tied to winning another major (IOW, no Grand Slam, or anniversary of her first major), this would be a different case. Right now, it is sort of an emotional trap--as long as the Court record sits in front of her, the nerves will be there no matter who she faces, and I'm not at all convinced she will ever overcome that.


Did she even have four Slam final losses in total before 2016? :laughing: Girls are really catching fire these days playing against her.


Well so far this is expected, but it's still amazing to watch this continuously happen to Serena in the latter stages of Slams now.

The future of the WTA is in damn good hands regardless of the result here.

La Grande

Man, I thought this was going to be a rout with Williams taking it in straight sets. But now, I think it is the other way. I simply don't understand Serena. She has absolutely zero energy since the first ball. She has had this issue repeatedly for I don't know how many years now.

She gets all pumped up and excited for everything but a final match. Then all of a sudden, she's walking around the court moping... I mean it is almost so bad that I would say she almost should get a lack of effort violation. Jeezus.
A rout?!?! Have you watched Andreescu play before?


If someone could shut off Evert! She keeps finding excuses for Serena after she could not stop praising her during the first few games...

Go Bianca! Shut her up....

Can Andreescu close this off faster than Halep?


Serena can easily turn this around as soon as Bianca’s first serve percentage dips and Serena ups hers. May not happen though

Aussie Darcy

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Going to be so fun seeing this forum unite behind Bianca for a few months until she has one small thing happen and then they’ll have her penned as enemy number 1 just like they did with Osaka.


Another final with the opponent on fire and Serena average or below average. It looks like that 24th Slam is not happening.

Aussie Darcy

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The break points explain the difference in this match.

Bianca serving huge on them while Serena serves double faults on hers.


Sharapova has one of the best backhands in women's tennis history.

But she never could slice like Bianca. And she doesn't absorb pace on backhand like Bianca.

Very fascinating to watch. Bianca can absorb pace on the run very well without losing key positioning.
Best backhand ever? Maybe when she gets it lined up, but her movement has been bad and she has to slice way too much. So I have to disagree.


Bianca is on fire and she is letting Serena know
Yeah because she was always going to bring her A game in the final against Serena and anybody who couldn’t see that was silly. The girl lives for pressure.
Sure, but I don't think anyone doubted she'd bring her best.

The point that was made was that her serve generally isn't up to par with her other abilities, and that much is true. And Serena's had looks at it, for that matter, and could perhaps have done ::something:: if she wasn't serving at miserable 50 percent 1st serve in her own service game.

I don't even mind that she's losing so much as I mind her being in her own damn head so much all the time in these finals.


Also I think Andreescu is way more tactically astute than the most recent WTA explosion in Naomi Osaka.

La Grande

I say this as someone who likes Svitolina and I know everyone is allowed their opinion but how are people comparing her (favourably) to Andreescu?

Svitolina is not in Andreescu’s realm. Not even remotely. Svitolina is a a solid top 10 worthy player, who could nick a slam if things fall her way. I would be surprised if Andreescu didn’t win at least 3 slams honestly, she is that good.

Andreescu, along with Osaka obviously and possibly Barty and Bencic, is the future of women’s tennis providing she can stay healthy.

She is refreshingly cerebral (I say this with no disrespect, lots of brainless play on ATP too), has incredible feel and good power to top it off.
Sharapova had power but Serena always put an end to that.

Kerber had great defense and awkward shots.

Halep had great defense but not the same power Bianca has. And she certainly isnt comfortable at net and doesn't have the variety.

Bianca is showing mental fearlessness, power, and court IQ. Her point construction is amazing. So refreshing to not see the typical ball bashing.
Ding ding ding!