2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

Who wins the women's final?

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She's just going to slug it out for two more games and be off, I guess. She's clearly given up on herself.



I think it has more to do with Serena herself than these players. Serena is chasing history whereas these players may not even get qtr way there.
I don't even think Serena is thinking abour Marg Court's record right now.

People overstate this too much. This isn't the first slam final she's been in playing for the record.

Bianca is outplaying her from every facet of the game. Serena is used to serving out of trouble with the GWOAT serve. Bianca is absorbing it. When her serve isn't working Serena can usually pounce on second serves. Bianca is defending those as well.

Serena has no answers.


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You still see it as winnable? I'm not really seeing that.. I want her to match Court too, but when you get to this stage in a career, facing the sport's bigger records can take an emotional toll on a player, and that's what's happening here. That, and Andreescu is not living in that moment, so for her, its "I'm here to win" sans emotional baggage. That's a great advantage, as she's only playing in her head, not living the nerves of the opponent.
nope she's done. we'll agree the nerves are too much. At least my guy gets 40-15 match points.


But, really, it's fine to lose but to come into slam final and start putting in 40-50 percent first serve in after a whole tournament at 80 percent plus....I just don't get it.

Lose, but not like this, for God's sake.


I'll have to open a brand new wine bottle once Bianca gets it. Will have to pretend to be a true Canadian I am afraid.


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So, Chrissy is saying people only beat Serena if they play the match of their lives. "That's the difference."

Shangri La

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Has Andreescu been in a GS final before? Just started watching and she looks very comfortable and relaxed, not overwhelmed by the occasion at all. SW on the other hand looks very tense.


I like Williams a lot, but she just needs to retire already. This is seriously bad for tennis. She's doing this way too often now. Let another player come through to the final who is actually going to prepare for it, not take it for granted, and actually come to the court pumped up and ready to go. She has been such an embarrassment in finals as of late.

No discredit to Andreescu, I mean she is playing well and has played great all tournament.

But Williams... ugh. Give us all a break and retire. Do it for the women's game, already.


Before the tournament rusedski said Bianca is his favourite and he got laughed at. Seems like he is a Demi god now
Rusedski is a good pundit. A student of the game who calls it as he sees it. Bianca hasn't lost much for a long time and pretty much played everyone she had to be favourite.