2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

Who wins the women's final?

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Please, it isn't a choke. The queen of drama decided to actually move her feet. That has been the only difference.

Andresscu hasn't done anything different. She's playing well, hitting shots, serving well, moving well.
I agree about Williams, not so much about Andreescu. She's not serving that well now and she's lacking confidence on some shots.


I'm a Serena fan, but she did not choke; I do not see the emotions around trying to match Court as choking in the way (for example) someone was running away with a match then screws up so much on match point that they let the opponent back in to win. Andreescu did her job.
No, I agree. It's just that certain people are more interested watching Serena fail then watching a new great champion. I'm a Serena fan, btw.


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I respected Novak so much already, but after witnessing this and remembering what he had to get through to win, oh man. He is GOAT when it comes to mental game.
My elder bro is fed fan .
I started Liking djoker Wen he had 1 slam , basically liked him for his fighting spirit and his self belief against Fedal :love: :love:


The match is on the crowds racket. Summon your inner Djokovic BA! Stay strong!
Heheh. Yeah it's good to see Djokovic stick it to the crowd. Maybe Fedal have more flair or whatever people wanna argue but I'm sure being third up had a lot to do with his being less revered.


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As an American, I'll never understand how Serena has this kind of insane fanbase. I've never actually met anyone this passionate about Serena.

Where do they all hide?
I think they would just root for any American player. I have no idea why someone does THAT though.

A single’s sport should be about how an individual person performs and if you like this style or not.