2019 US Open Women's Final - (8.) SERENA Williams vs. (15.) BIANCA Andreescu

Who wins the women's final?

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I don't buy this whole thing about Serena having 'nerves.' If she loses today it's because Bianca is a beast, not because Serena is nervous. I think that kind of thing does both players a disservice.
I get your point, but Andreescu has zero influence in Serena's serve. Seeing Serena spraying DF is a bad omen and certainly isn't provoked by Andreescu.

Red Rick

Talk Tennis Guru
Somebody else in my house is watching the match and it sounds like a trampling herd of wildebeasts closing in on me.


I wrote that post before I saw the double faults. Those things happen. I don't think she lost to Osaka because of nerves, for example.
Oh yeah definitely not. Osaka was incredible. She actually served like Serena and her ground game managed to successfully move her around the court, setting up a ton of winners.


Seems to me like Serena is struggling with the heaviness of Andreescu's rally ball. A lot of errors so far.
A lot of winners too. Like 10 to 2. To me she's trying to play high risk and is hit or miss. Bianca is not making any errors.