2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

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The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Can't remember the last time I saw Herbert play this badly, looks lost out there.... Serve is pretty subpar, it's making Kevin look like Djokovic out there...

The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Superior depth control and weight of shot, Herbert still managed to keep the scoreline somewhat respectable.

Broken early in all sets, DF and Kevin leads 1-0 in the 3rd. Contemplates smashing his racquet.

The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Seven BPs have come and gone for Herbert, first six were on Kevin's racquet, Herbert with a wild miss on the backhand on his 7th chance, completely mistiming it...

Herbert belting his racquet hard against his shoe a few times


Hall of Fame
I’m surprised there isn’t a match thread for this. This is potentially a very tricky opponent for Djokovic. Already lost to him and it’s novaks first match


Hall of Fame
Kohlschreiber is a very good opponent for Novak in the first round. Not an easy one, but good. He gives you a lot of time, so Djokovic can feel the rhytm. Worked for him in 2015.