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Who will win Wimbledon?

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Feeling very sorry for Barty. First serve no where to be found, opponent juts swinging freely, can’t miss a ball even if she tries

Aussie Darcy

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Bertens is also awful on every surface except clay. She lost to Strycova lmaooooo
My god you really don't know anything about women's tennis do you?
Bertens made the QF last year on grass.
Her first Premier 5 title was on hard.
She made a grass final in the lead up to this tournament.

Do. Your. Research.


Ash was out grass courted in this. She was too passive and unfortunately her normally very effective serve fell apart. She generally is a very adaptable player, able to adjust her game as the situation unfolds, but looked out of answers.

Riske played very, very well so take nothing away from her, an excellent win. Ash though will learn a lot from this and I think we'll see some improvements in aspects of her game moving forward.

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...and Riske turns into the latest hot ball basher. Let's see if she can hit all the lines in the quarters, or if she fades into an oblivion of typical errors. Nice match against Barty, though, and Barty had no answers. She needs to find answers to that kind of play if she hopes to hold on to #1.
Well let the whining about Serena’s easy draw resume.
She will just make the draw irrelevant. There's nobody who can beat Serena at her best, esp not on grass. The others have a chance this time only because she is not yet quite there. But she's on her way this time.

Aussie Darcy

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Svitolina into her first Wimbledon QF after knocking out Petra Martic in the 4R.

Next faces the winner of Muchova/Pliskova.

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Disappointing for Barty. Hard to win when you serve 51 percent on first serves. Didn’t win many points on her second serve.