2019 WTA Dubai - Premier 5

Couldn't find a decent stream for the life of me, but I'm so happy for Bencic! Winning a Premier 5 beating Sabalenka, Halep, Svitolina and Kvitova is fantastic. I feared for her after all those injuries, but she might be in the right path to leave a mark again.
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Belinda got the job done. I hope she can back up this title with good performances through the season. She has great potential to become a top 10 fixture.
She beat Sabalenka and after that her work was done.

Grats to Bencic on then winning a bunch more matches and claiming the title though.. I suppose the title is also nice.
Twice now Kvitova has lost in finals to a player I couldn't also help root for. Bencic kinda let Kvitty beat herself but was brilliant earlier in the tournament, so fully deserved the win.
Well, thank God for that, I say. Can't stand Sabalenka. Projects way too much disgust at defeat and bad attitude for a non elite player. It's not like she's Serena Williams getting upset by some nobody.
I watched her match against Bencic, and in fairness, Bencic didn't always behave that well. I didn't see Sabalenka repeatedly banging her racquet against the floor, or screaming at her box. Bencic was.
The noise is annoying though.