2019 WTA SDL: Wimbledon


Welcome to the 9th event of the 2019 WTA Sudden Death League season: Wimbledon

WTA SDL SHEET IS HERE - Rankings 2019

Rules of the game:

1. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next round. If she loses, you're out.

2. You can pick a player only ONCE. Obviously it's important to make smart choices in order to get far. If you have no picks remaining, you're eliminated from the competition.

3. You can't pick a player from a match that has started already.

4. You cannot advance to the next round via a walkover since it is hard to know exactly when someone announced they were pulling out HOWEVER this rule does not apply once you reach the semifinals

5. As you cannot win a match by a walkover it is highly advised that you make a back-up pick to your main pick. Your pick and back up cannot be from the same match. If so, back up will be invalidated.

6. If the player you picked retires during the match, you're out. If she retires before the match, your back-up pick will be used unless you change your pick before your back up match begins.

7. NEVER edit your pick. If you want to change your pick, please quote your old pick and choose a new player. Edited posts will not be taken into consideration.

We will be picking 10 pick's for this tournament. Our schedule is -

Pick 1: Round 1 Bottom half
Pick 2: Round 1 Top half
Pick 3: Round 2 Bottom half
Pick 4: Round 2 Top half
Pick 5: Round 3 Botton half
Pick 6: Round 3 Top half
Pick 7: Round of 16
Pick 8: Quarter Finals
Pick 9: Semi Finals
Pick 10: Final


1 correct pick: 70 points
2 correct picks: 140 points
3 correct picks: 230 points
4 correct picks: 320 points
5 correct picks: 430 points
6 correct picks: 540 points
7 correct picks: 720 points
8 correct picks: 1000 points
9 correct picks: 1400 points
10 correct picks: 2000 points

Good luck to everyone, the more the merrier.. It's all good fun.. :)

Please sign up here if you fancy having a go.

Previous Years are here -

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Remaining free picks for 2019.

@Aussie Darcy & @boredone3456 have 1 free pick to use.

1. You can use your free pick to advance if your player loses or retires during their match.

2. All free picks must be used before the last 16 of the Grand Slams/Miami/Indian Wells or before the last 8 of any other tournament and must be used before the WTA Finals.

3. Please nominate a winning player to replace your losing player.

4. Your next pick must be correct to gain additional points.
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Wimbledon DOUBLES

2019 Doubles Series here - Doubles file

We will be picking 6 pick's for this tournament. Our schedule is -

Pick 1: Round 1
Pick 2: Round 2
Pick 3: Round 3
Pick 4: Quarter Finals
Pick 5: Semi Finals
Pick 6: Final


1 correct pick: 40 points
2 correct picks: 90 points
3 correct picks: 150 points
4 correct picks: 220 points
5 correct picks: 300 points
6 correct picks: 500 points

Doubles points will be added to the regular WTA SDL Race/Rankings etc.

There is an additional Double Series with the winner receiving one free pick to be used in doubles next year.


I have updated the OP to reflect the Bottom Half starting us off...please make you first pick from the BOTTOM HALF

Good Luck all...break out the berries and cream

Personally here hoping this Boston boy plays better than my Red Sox did in England these last 2 days....


Seems like I must go with the old nick, even though I sent request for a new one on Saturday… :confused:

R1 bottom: Sofia Kenin
BU: Venus Williams

R1 top: Julia Görges
BU: Amanda Anisimova


Dammit Venus....I will be using my save and burning Gauff as my sacrifice. I will be keeping my next pick the same as of now.


R1 Dubs: Azarenka/Barty
BU: Atawo/Kichenok

also its a little weird seeing the Kichenoks split and partner with 2 women who used to also be doubles partners in the same tournament ...the other Kichenok is with Spears LOL