2019 WTF RR: (3.) Swiss Maestro vs. (5.) Thieminator

Who will win this match?

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ATP H2H: 4-2 for Thiem
H2H at hard surface: 2-1 for Federer

Thiem won both mutual matches this year. Will win over Federer also at WTF?


When playing mediocrities like Thiem, its usually on Roger's racquet.
(He CAN have an off day and miss, which is happening slightly more frequently as he ages, but I think its still safe to say Fed will win this)


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I'm gonna go with Federer in straight. I think the conditions favor him and Thiem track record at the WTF ain't exactly great either.


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Because I think Thiem is good enough to trouble him a little. He beat him at Indian Wells after all.
On a ridiculously slow and high bouncing court. Today's match will be played on a low bouncing, fast indoor court. Last year at the WTF Fed destroyed Thiem 2 and 3. Fed should beat Thiem easily on this court.


Even when Thiem is nervous, he bashes the ball without fear. So it all comes down to which Fed shows up today.
A well-oiled Fed should post 6-1 , 6-1. But a rusty Fed may struggle to finish in 2 sets.


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Friggin' BBC. Had the cheek to advertise that they were showing the World Tour Finals but apparently that only means the afternoon sessions. Evidently they don't think evening sessions with some also-ran called Federer worth bothering with!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Bunch of no marks!!! :mad: