2019 WTF RR: (3.) Swiss Maestro vs. (5.) Thieminator

Who will win this match?

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Friggin' BBC. Had the cheek to advertise that they were showing the World Tour Finals but apparently that only means the afternoon sessions. Evidently they don't think evening sessions with some also-ran called Federer worth bothering with!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Bunch of no marks!!! :mad:
Same every year - cheap skates.

I subbed with TennisTV before.
But now Amazon Prime video cover it and more..


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I like Feds new hair. He looks like a mature man now. Only 39 more needed for a major milestone! If he plays until Basel 2020 he should get there.

Ray Mercer

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Nadal won the USO this year doing exactly that. Of course, Rafa is 20 times the player Dom is, or ever will be.
Which is a travesty because the US Open used to be fast as hell and favoured guys who played like Federer and Sampras. You should not be able to win anything but the French playing like that.


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Reminds me of Nishikori match from last year. Hope it isn't the same result in the end.

Federer wake up! Fast!