2019 WTF RR: [4.] Daniil Medvedev vs. [7.] Sascha Zverev

Who will win this match?

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The Blond Blur

Is that Ashton Kutcher? No, It's Kevin Malone.

mike danny

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@StrongRule, think of it this way: this format allows you a leeway in that you can still advance despite losing a match. So you get a second chance, but then you have to be close to perfect in your other matches if you want to qualify. Nadal simply wasn't as perfect as he should have been. As Fed was, for example.

It's perfectly fair. You can lose a match, but you have to be twice as good in return in order to qualify.


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Yeah I know :p Guess it depends on a person's definition of what makes someone's nationality. But if you're born in a certain country you should be considered to be from that country, even 'technically' ;)
Lendl's been a US citizen for 33 years. Is he Czech or American? :unsure:


Couldn't have been any worse-Zverev got first serve in ALL rallies in the tie break, two lucky lines, Medvedev stopped a rally, Medvedev hit a double fault...Pathetic tanking.


Funny is Nadal fans saying for years that this tourny is a joke but also watching along and stressing out over Rafa not winning it.

Deep down, they want him to win it so bad. Sadly for them, Nadal has always been pedestrian on this surface and especially @ WTF. I guess it's good for him and VB that he goes out winning rather than lose to Federer again, tomorrow.