2019 WTF RR: [4.] Daniil Medvedev vs. [7.] Sascha Zverev

Who will win this match?

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I'm guessing the party's just got started chez toi, vive? :p


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Mad lad with 4 losses in a row.
Gonna have to regroup for 2020 and do whatever it takes to get back to winning again.


I will enjoy every second of Zed/Thiem taking their pigeon to the woods in the final.
Zverev played two great matches in this tournament but was hot garbage against Tsitsipas, and because of that Nadal lost. And today it was clearly a tank from Medvedev. Him stopping the rally in the tie break just looked like a tank.


@mike danny The problem is you ALWAYS claim Djokovic was terrible/tired when he loses to Nadal. In USO 2013 he was terrible, in Rome 2019 he somehow was tired despite winning a set and was fighting until the last point...


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Nadal will be bitterly disappointed but he's year end number one and now can rest up then come back in January ready and raring to go. Same with djokovic. I hope Federer can defy the odds to win this, after the Wimbledon heartbreak him and his fans could do with a wtf victory.


It might have been explained already but Fed and Thiem, they’re both 2-1 in matches, but Fed 4-2 in sets, Thiem 4-3, why did Thiem come up on top in the group?