2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

Who make the final?

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That's the difference between an ATG and next gen: Rafa can't buy a first serve in the first set, is down multiple BP's, looks like Med will steamroll, but Rafa still wins the set.

These younger dudes just don't have any mental strength, Bizarre and utterly pathetic.


Great set of tennis from Nadal. Wouldn't give Medvedev backhand any pace to redirect, great use of the slice, waited for his opportunity on return.



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Robbie has to talk tennis now.
I like him and Petch being separated. It's like when the naughty kids at school get split up and the class can get on with work.


Surprise, Nadal managed to serve it out this time. Sudden turnaround in this set, Med was the much better player for the first 7 games. But it's not over yet. We'll see how Nadal plays now. Anyway, it is better to lose to Med than to lose AGAIN to Thiem.


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Nadal now looking the favourite to win this. Medvedev has to come out swinging in the 2nd set and start pushing Rafa off the court like he has done with other opponents. If he can't do it, he's toast.


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You see how Nadal’s game troubles Med so much. The heavy spin, the lefty angles. His inside out forehand. It ruins Meds rhythm and his comfort zone. Joker hits the ball flatter and seemingly with less action . Sort of hits into Meds strike zone. The matchup favors Rafa. Indoors, outdoor hardcourt and I could only imagine clay.


I know, it's a joke. He's a cheater but cheaters only get away with it because noone calls them out and noone is calling him out. Where is the shot-clock? Why is nothing being done? It makes me so fustrated when you see other players get called out because they go slightly over meanwhilst Nadal goes on holiday between points and they say NOTHING.
They’ll give him a warning when he’s serving for the match, but it won’t matter because it’ll be over two minutes later.


Nadal definitely capitalised on his chances better there.

Commentators keep harping on about how Med is missing more shots today than vs Djokovic...

Reasons are obvious, the slices are forcing Med to generate his own pace and deal with spin...

Nadal only 42% 1st serves still didn't get broken.

Med will show his mental strength here... he can't really serve better than he did in the 1st set whilst Nadal has a lot of room for improvement in that department.