2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

Who make the final?

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Lol Medvevev with 80% first serves and Nadal with 42%.... Nadal playing on 2nd gear and yet won that 6-3

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That's the difference between an ATG and next gen: Rafa can't buy a first serve in the first set, is down multiple BP's, looks like Med will steamroll, but Rafa still wins the set.

These younger dudes just don't have any mental strength, Bizarre and utterly pathetic.
You overrating med. He’s a lousy returner which is not shocking.


Why isn't Nadal serving better. I don't get it. Like 42% 1st serves? That is inexcusable.
He's actually been serving well this tournament.


And now Nadal will play a tired Thiem in the final. I have no idea how things work out for Nadal so well.
Ye, he often lucks out with the draw. Djokovic and Zverev were most dangerous opponents for him, he won't face either thanks to Medvedev, who is easy for Nadal.

Thiem is tough too, but as you said, probably tired now. And Nadal won't be tired, gets easy match today.