2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

Who make the final?

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Medy still hasn't got what Thiem has, that is they gain an advantage, lose that advantage and then continue to fight. Medy and all other fold after losing an advantage.


This is an absolutely embarrassing performance from Medvedev. I know bad match up and all, but this just shockingly bad. I expected a better fight than what Tsitsipas put up. This gen is absoutely useless.
All the high hopes we might have had for the nextgen, yet all members of it proved absolute trash this tournament once again.


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Tactically good ideas, although the execution has been average or even subpar for Nadals standards.

Either way it could be enough today.


So you have a fairly easy volley to play at the net? Do you:

A) Hit it into the big wide open court
B) Dropshot it
C) Hit it agressively at your opponent
D) Hit the weakest ever shot directly to your opponents raquet.

It tells you that Medvedev had no margin to drop his first serve.

He was serving at 100% yet Rafa managed to make a couple of 40-30's in those first service games.

That was spelling disaster the moment Medvedev serve drops a little.
I was reacting to what you said earlier, not this.

Not disagreeing with this.


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Choke from Nadal and no prediction bragging rights for me.
Still, we get more tennis!
Btw, every single player choked today.
An even bigger choke from Meddy is coming!