2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

Who make the final?

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Yeah, Nadal is now a very weak player mentally. Lucky for him, in RG he could avoid close matches, so it didn't matter. But in close matches he is terrible now. Everything happened EXACTLY like I predicted. He didn't serve for the match, he lost the tiebreak, and now he will lose the third set.
All your predictions sound like that. "Nadal is going to lose" and when he eventually does (he isn't going to win every match, of course) you're like "Wow, I've predicted that"


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It may look like they are still playing a match out there, but it is only a simulation.

The reality is that this match finished long ago. Nadal is already in the showers crying the tears of a loser. The stuff going on on court is just an illusion.


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With his old movement that match would have been 6-1 and 6-2 or something like that. It is painful as Nadal loses power on his groundies and just isn't in position and makes all these errors.
That's exactly what it is. Nadal used to be so far ahead of the ball, now he's BARELY getting there in time, and can't vary his shots. And that mediocre slicing he's doing is only letting Danill CRANK shots CC that get a weak, loopy FH in response.


With the kind of errors Nadal has been making, Medvedev would've been better off with his typical style of just keeping the ball in play. He's gone for winners the last 2 points and missed both.