2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

Who make the final?

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Let’s see if the next gen can do this to the big 3 at the slams where it really matters. We’ve seen them do it at Masters and WTF for a while now so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Also, Nadal and Djokovic showed their age a bit today. 8-10 years ago, no way do Djokodal lose either of these matches.
It’s getting tougher for both. Luckily Rafa is so far ahead on clay and at RG it won’t affect him there so much. Field quality is lower on clay.

Wimbledon might become Novak’s best slam as the field is weaker on grass and a Fed is nearly 40 and coming back off another lay off.

I feel those slams are critical for Rafa and Novak. The hard court slams are gonna get much tougher. Djoko is slight favourite in Aussie open and us open is anybody’s


Good match.
Med kept things together, tipped the rally play in his favour, just!
First win over Rafa.

Old guard either not here recovering, or beaten.
"Oh, the times they are a changing"
Finally gets a YEC where he comes in healthy and fresh, doesn't have to play Djokovic or Federer...still doesn't even make the final.

There's probably no one happier that this event is finally leaving the O2. It's amazing how much he struggles here.
They'll probably have it on a skating rink next, on ice.

Coz, Fed... "People's champion"... Rolex's champion.


Nadal threw everything he had at him, played a super smart match, but Medvedev served like a god enough of the time to make his service games irrelevant, and then it was all on Rafa's, and he played beautifully almost every time that he had to. Moving in his return position, and those returns he came up with when Nadal was serving for the match were from another world. Hell of a match.