2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

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Josh Lyman

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Announcers talking about the mental energy required to beat Nadal. If that was the SF, sure, but Thiem has had 4 days to recover.


Djokovic serving has been really good.

people have commented on Nadal adding more offense to his serve to offset his movement/endurance not being as high; looks like Djokovic is doing the same...


Bionic Poster
He is tying to push Thiem further back towards the Melbourne sign, once that happens Novak can patrol his baseline better and can then step into the court, the way he does against Nadal. Thiem will need to get more height on those balls.
2019 final rinse and repeat, ugh. Not sure what Thiem can do to stop this; going to have to power up for sure, don't see any other way.
a. I'm in Australia and went to the AO this year like most.
b. Federer practice sessions were about twice as packed as Novak.
c. You're telling me Croats are cheering for Novak?
I didn't say he get as much as fans as Fed mate.
There are audible cheers for Novak against Fed at SF, that tells he get support here unlike US and Wimbledon where it was like 5 people supporting Joka.