2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

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Credit to Thiem! Well deserved, better player is winning. He’s a big favourite, I just hope Novak can fight in 4th and make it tough for him.

Match not over yet as djoko not won 16 slams and 7 aussi opens for nothing. Let’s see what happens.
Djokovic gave a real fight in that last game. It's like he wanted to say: "you wanna beat me? Well, you will have to work hard until the end. I'm not going to gift it to you". Thiem managed to hold after struggling for a long time, but mentally that can make a difference. I'm sure Djokovic is going to up his game now. Thiem is about to face the biggest challenge of his career. He has to win one more set.
Ok, gg well played Thiem, very well played, entertaining tennis, great shot making and winner mentality. This is might be the end of the Big 3. It was good while it lasted.

James P

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If he medically retires, it's still a Grand Slam victory for Thiem. And certainly deservedly so. I hope Novak continues, but Thiem looking stronk.

Sunny Ali

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Novak Djokovic ... you can forget about Federer's slam record as well as weeks at No. 1 record if you lose this final :(


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I'll stop watching now.

Wither I tune in 2 hours later and Djokovic won 3:2 or I Thiem closed it in the 4th set.
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Can Novak win two straight sets against a Thiem that is, well, outplaying him today? I'd love to see it, but if not, hats off to Domi!


50% of serves go to the ad side. How can half of his serving be "not good at all" against the greatest returner of all time, the ausopen's greatest ever, and him be very nearly 2-1 sets up?
just shows how mediocre Djokovic is playing on return on that side overall.

Thiem hasn't hit one slice serve down the T on the ad side this match! He's only hitting into the body and out wide to a righty's BH with the outwide not being placed well. He hasn't even hit his signature super high top spin kicker to a righty's BH!