2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

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I know, but history isn't something we should hold on like mad. I could be wrong but Nole is not showing very good signs of dominance right now. Tables could turn.
Djokovic won Wimbledon without dominating at all. Will repeat this the next 20 minutes, I think. Keeps the ball in play better than anyone and fights better than anyone.


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Wonder what little pick-me-up they gave novak during his fake MTO breather.

ATP is really beginning to suck, all these guys just fold on cue to the Big3


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Lol why is everyone on thiems back. Just because you want Novak to lose doesn't make thiem a mug for not doing it.

He's pushed the AO GOAT to 5 sets. And novak has been coming into the final with such a high level. What did we expect.
Just tired of the human ball machine winning all the time. I want a real tennis artist like thiem to win one over the ball machine


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so thomas muster was part of thiems' team for the first week of this open but then left or was let go? anybody know what happened
Thiem mugged ANOTHER game with his horrible unforced errors. Djokovic is the luckiest player in history. He didn't deserve to win today.