2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

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This match will depend a lot on how Thiem is feeling. He has put out a lot of mental, emotional and physical energy out there. Djokovic will test him out there, he will go for the kill shot when he needs to, but he will also be looking to keep extending points to work those legs of Thiem. The question is how Thiem will feel after the first two sets, that is where he will be most vulnerable if Djokovic is working him over. Thiem cannot afford to grind here, the way he did against Nadal, doing it against Djokovic here is a sure fire way to burn out and fade away.
Very similar ToC for 2014 Stanimal & 2020 Thiemanator in the semis & final:
Stanimal: 4:00 vs Djok, 3:31 vs Berd
Thiemanator: 4:10 vs Wapha, 3:42 vs Ziraffe

But there end the similarities. Not only did Stan get a walkover in the 2nd round but he also played the Thursday semifinal. Dom huffed & puffed in beating that Bolt in the 2nd round & played a gruelling semi, with a presumably upset stomach, on Friday.

Djoker in straights, tight 1st set, tiebreaker or 7-5 set, followed by single break 2nd set & 2 break 3 set seems the likeliest result.

Josh Lyman

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I won't make the same mistake I did with the women's final. Hedged my pre-tournament bet on Djoker so no matter who raises the trophy, I win. (only like $50 though lol)

The Green Mile

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13 kmh more on his 2nd serve average as opposed to their previous match in London. Dude is hitting way more slider 2nd serves to the forehand wings although, not as much kickers, it's interesting...


Yes....I'm sure with the hundreds of millions he has banked, he is seeking your love.
Did I compare him to me / wanting my approval? I said he desperately wants the approval that the *other 2* guys who have banked 200 million plus.

And yet if he plays either of them, he is rarely ever the crowd favourite. It will irk him forever.


If that serve is working, it is going to be very tough for Thiem. He may be forced to change his return position, which then gives Novak more options for the placement and the first shot following the serve. Thiem will need to throw some bombs himself.


Nole clearly trying to rob Thiem of time and dong a fine job of it!
He is tying to push Thiem further back towards the Melbourne sign, once that happens Novak can patrol his baseline better and can then step into the court, the way he does against Nadal. Thiem will need to get more height on those balls.