2020 Australian Open Round of 128 (1R) :- [1] Rafael Nadal v/s [72] Hugo Dellien

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Bionic Poster
Hugo probably playing a big player for the first and last time in life! Stories to tell the grandkids!
First match vs The Big Three but he played three top 10 players (Zverev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev) as well as AdM and Nishikori in 2019. There’s a decent chance he makes RG in May on his favored red clay so he may get another shot at a big player there too.


Nadal already too defensive. His shots neither have depth nor do they have enough penetration on this low bouncing court.


Curious if players like Dellien would be better/higher up the rankings if they played for another nation.

Don't imagine he gets much support from the Bolivia Tennis Federation


Crazy how much Nadal’s serve has improved in a year. He’s serving 190-200 km/h bombs constantly now. His last second serve was what, 182? It was about his average first serve speed in 2017.


Trust Nadal to make 3 games last 34 mins.

The guy is serving at 104 mph and Nadal is standing 100 ft behind the baseline to return serve.

Just playing too safe and not hitting close to the lines. This Dellen guy sucks. Can't string 2 points together.