2020 Australian Open SemiFinal :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [7] Alexander Zverev

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Talk Tennis Guru
In the last six tiebreaks Thiem has played now, he has changed sides leading 4–2 every single time.

It has worked out pretty well for him thus far, let's see if it holds true.


Talk Tennis Guru
I feel bad for Thiem. He lacks tennis IQ. Doesn't know when to when to pull the trigger.

Brainless ball basher completely losing the plot here. Serial CHOKING territory.


Talk Tennis Guru
Novak just spilled his drink completely. This is a competition on CHOKING. Zverev misses a smash even my grandmother would make.
Bad for a grand slam SF. That is why Djokovic might win this for the next several years. The Lost Gen, New gen etc is just not good enough.