2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]


  • Novak in three

  • Novak in four

  • Novak in five

  • Roger in three

  • Roger in four

  • Roger in five

  • W.O/Retirement

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Djokovic in 3. It will be a massacre.

Djokovic dominates Federer 3-0 at the Australian Open since 2008 and has won the last 5 Grand Slam matches in a row against Federer. Even more important, this is the worst version of Federer at the AO the world has ever seen. Federer is 38 years old, slow and a shadow of himself. He almost lost to two journeymen like Millman (#47) and Sandgren (#100). Against Millman he was 4-8 in the final tie-break and against Sandgren he saved 7 match points. The fact that Roger reached the SF is a miracle in itself.
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But I say this will be a cracker. Got some uneasy feeling about this one. Federer comes with no expectations. Two day rest and whatever injury gone, he can take Novak by surprise and start playing with pure abandon.

Novak a favourite by a mile. But don't judge by Federer's last 2-3 matches. He must have devised a plan for Djokovic in off season.

Djokovic in hard fought 4 sets or 4 tight ones and a Blowout 5th.

Federer with 25-30% chance of winning.

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Federer to try and hit through novak in slow night conditions?

Djokovic seems and rightly should be awfully confident. "let the better man win" . LOL.

Federer just isnt serving well enough to win right now. the gap is too big between them but it will be fun to see roger compete against novak.