2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]


  • Novak in three

  • Novak in four

  • Novak in five

  • Roger in three

  • Roger in four

  • Roger in five

  • W.O/Retirement

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He can still win the first set in the TB if he serves well, but we know what happened at Wimbledon.


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Yeah this is garbage now from Fed, had a brief purple patch punctuated by good serving and now it's over.

I think the second semifinalist will have a more than decent shot on Sunday.


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If Fed doesn't find a way to get back into super aggressive mode this match will be over quickly. Wonder why suddenly he holds back when his initial tactics clearly worked great.


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So annoying, Fed is not up for this win. Throwing games away.

Fed fan here.

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Very sad for Fed. Fed was playing well and just needed a few aces. Just very sad.

But then Fed was lucky to be here.
He has to really nail the spots on the serve and from the baseline to win points against Novak.

It's very hard to keep that up for a prolonged period, tremendous pressure.


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Novak started finding the angles from the baseline. For Fed it's either aces or being very aggressive off the ground, only way he can win points basically.
Agreed. It's like Fed started out without any expectations and just went all in for it. Then suddenly he realizes he can actually win the match and slowly he becomes more careful, trying to protect rather than attack. Weird stuff.