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Who will win AO 2020?

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Aussie Darcy

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Not sure who I want to win but seem to be cheering for Halep? I adore Garbie too though and won’t be heartbroken either way unlike the Barty result.


Wonder if Halep's different grunt threw off Mugu and that's why she didn't go after the down the line ball. Not really an excuse but leaving that ball maybe cost her the game.


Halep-Muguruza 6:7(8), 5:5
Garbine converted her 4th BP in the 10th game of the 2nd set and she is back in the 2nd set!
Great rallies can be seen in the match!


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She didn't force anyone to do it. It's the fault of every individual person who does it. Plus, she's the one who got flak, was sent the message "this isn't okay", criticized by commentators, so if anything her experience would have been a reason for players not to do it.

When you are developing as a young player and the top players on the tour or at your academy are grunting loudly, you tend to be influenced. Some consciously pick it up while others are not even aware that it has crept into their game. Nick B and others should have addressed this long ago -- by teaching and encouraging proper breathing techniques while making minimal sounds.

Nick Bollettieri, who coached Seles, Agassi, the Williams sisters, Sharapova, and Larcher de Brito, told "Outside the Lines" his belief has always been that grunting is nothing notable, let alone a negative...


Pretty good match this though as the match goes on I wonder why they don't come to the net more often to shorten the points and end rallies? The wta ball bashing tennis has almost seen this disappear apart from those who also play doubles so have to be good at the net. Halep would have won that final against wozniacki if she had approached a bit more.


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I don’t know if Simona has ever been this loud.
The heat's probably a factor. 100 F in Melbourne right now. Undoubtedly much hotter on the court.

Simona loudest on serves and heavy topspin grounstrokes. Much less on many serve returns and flat shots. Nothing on volleys, slices and dropshots.