2020 Cincinnati SF - Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roberto Bautista-Agut [12]

Who wins?

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True. Because no one, least of all Novak, cares about Mickey Mouse tournaments. It's all about the slams.
These tournaments are glorified practise sessions for Fedalovic.
This is completely wrong. Maybe Djokovic doesn’t care about 250s and 500s, but surely he cares about Masters as his whole career clearly shows. And Nadal definitely cares about any clay tournament he enters. Federer is a bit different in the past decade or so, but before that he also wanted to win everything.

Djokovic has the most balanced success rate in Slams and Masters if we consider the 4/9 ratio.

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Fedr would've won Wimbledon last year if tiebreaks weren’t a thing