2020 Goals

Vox Rationis

The offensive topspin lob .... probably not often enough. But I use it when opponent is handling my deep cross court shots as a change up.
Sounds like you have the right idea. I try to use it when it feels most unexpected. I couldn't tell from your wording if you're hitting it back cross court but I launch it with tons of top spin over the opposing net person. It often draws an error if done right. It's something I only try a couple times a match to keep them honest.


In 2019 year my goals were:
1. Continue to improve my nutrition & overall health - accomplished
2. Lower cost of living dramatically - accomplished
3. Get a new job/career with a team of people that were invested in my success - accomplished
4. Pay off existing debt (appx $65k) - accomplished
5. Move family back under one roof (I was working on the road constantly) - accomplished
6. Reach 4.5 level tennis - not there yet but Im either a really strong 4.0 or a very weak 4.5 because Im beating 4.0's consistently and I can give solid 4.5's a fun match (but Im not on their level despite the score)

2020 I set my goals as:
1. Make $500k
2. Move family into a new home that we actually own
3. Finally take a honeymoon with my wife after 5 years of marriage and nothing but me working all the time (and playing tennis)
4. Get my wife back on the tennis court every day - convince her to play MXD with me
5. Take my wife to dinner at once per week
6. Buy motorcycles (it's a long list)
7. Up my tennis training from 14-18 hours to 30+ hours per week and become a solid 4.5+ player
8. Start working on a few of my other hobbies (learning guitar, learning boxing, riding motocross occasionally, gun collection, road cycling, natural disaster prepping, catch up on The Walking Dead, start playing flag football once a week)
9. And maybe start lifting weights again
1. On pace
2. Not gonna happen this year
3. Not gonna happen this year
4. Currently once per week, daughter the rest of the time
5. Societal Hypochondria ruined this goal
6. Bought 3 new bikes so far
7. Societal Hypochondria slowed this goal
8. Im failing at this goal
9. Im heavily focused on still body weight & high reps. Might permanently ditch this goal of lifting heavy weights. Especially if I join a boxing gym.


Hall of Fame
1) Recover from injury
2) Avoid injury
3) Play tournaments
4) Go up an NTRP level

yea, i'm keeping it basic
I've completed #1!
And #2 is something I have to keep doing for the rest of the year
Haven't started on 3 and 4

And wow, what a year it has been so far