2020 Head Prestige 360+


The specs of the MP look interesting..unstrung beef with an evenish balance. New Mold. True 98 18x20 could be a fun demo assuming it doesn’t play like a tuning fork


Actually Murray uses the Pro Tour 630. Also the original Radical was the same mold as the Pro Tour 630. Here is one of my Radical Tour TwinTube which is the same mold as the Pro Tour 630.
It looks just like the Prestige MP. What HEAD did was turn the Prestige line into the Radical. The OG Prestige line was Midsize of 89.5sq.in and an MP of 102sq.in
Hey vs, do you prefer the Radical Tour TwinTube over the i.Prestige MP?


Hey vs, do you prefer the Radical Tour TwinTube over the i.Prestige MP?
That’s one. I like them for different reasons. The TwinTube is feels very flexy while the i.Prestige MP is crisper in a good way. I enjoy them both very much and have problems switching back and forth as they are all customized to my specs


I think it looks gorgeous. Definitely the most interesting frame in iHead’s line up. I actually liked how the Graphene versions played, just not the feel. They made the rackets less sturdy it seems because I’ve never cracked a racket until the Graphene XT Prestige MP. Developed a crack near the handle.
This is because head invests more on ads and sponsorship and cut back on product quality by using the cheapest material that won’t last. So that you spend more money to buy replacements. I quit their junk a long time ago.


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Man, Head corporate must really love you. You don’t make any effort to educate yourself about racquet history and instead lap up the company’s new offerings without a thought.i don't like to dwell on the past you have to move on sometimes i dont think they bring them back.