2020 London ATP Finals Round Robin: Djoker [1] vs Mad Lad [4]

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Present and future collide.

Say what you want about the match up but it's never a straight forward contest.

Which of the two stunning players do you pick?

Third Serve

Not yet convinced by Med’s form even after the Zverev match. Lean Djoker, but their matches have usually been close as of late so I fully expect this one to go three.


We shouldn't underestimate Medvedev here. He did win Paris and has looked in good form. Could be a tougher test for Djokovic than most think although i'm personally just hoping for the best result to give Zverev a chance to make the SF
If Djokovic wins this match in straight sets, how can Zverev advance?


Talk Tennis Guru
Medvedev already going for 116 mph second serves down the tee on the ad side. (and misses.)

looks like that's a strategy he's intent on using vs Novak. I like it, personally. Give no rhythm.