2020 Roland Garros SF: [5]Stefanos 'The Philosopher' Tsitsipas vs [1]Novak 'The Tournament Director' Djokovic

Who makes the final

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Question for the TTW trivia nerds:

How many times has a guy gone on to win a five-set semi-final and then go on to win the final, where the other semi-final wasn't also a five-setter? Edit: in the last decade.

From the top of my mind, Nole at USO 2011 and AO 2012. Nadal RG 2013.

Follow-up question: How many times have the players winning a five-set semi-final lost the final?

From the top of my mind, Nole USO 2013, Nole Wimbledon 2013, Thiem RG 2019, Nole RG 2015

Which ones am I missing?
For the first question: Nadal AO 2009


Still think Djokovic beats Nadal. He is clearly in much better form. He didn't play bad in the last 2 sets, Tsitsipas was just extremely clutch on all break points. Nobody would have a chance to convert them.
what will be the first thing you'll write if Nadal beats Djokovic? "This is definitely Nadal's last RG, he won't stand a chance next year" ?


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Adding to the above

Your First Category of Winner: Nadal AO 2009, Djokovic AO 2015

Losing Finalists: Murray AO 2016, Raonic Wimbledon 2016, Baghdatis AO 2006
thnx, knew I must be forgetting some recent ones.

Was wondering whether there's any clear pattern that the guys playing five-setters are at a disadvantage. But there doesn't seem to be much in it. Several examples of both scenarios.


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I think it genuinely took him an extraordinary effort to come back. He was clutch too and his shotmaking was truly brilliant. It's a shame he's having this letdown though, no doubt.

Great litmus test for Aristotle Jesus' fitness. He'll know the work he still has to put in.

Hopefully he has one last big push TAKE CARE OF serve and make Djokovic work till the end. But to me he looks roasted, fried.
Yeah it looks like he gave everything in sets 3 and 4. Awesome effort though. Like you say I think his game stands up. Just needs to bring the intensity from the very start so he's not down 6-3 6-2 out the gate.


A 22-year old should not be gassed against a 33-year old....these kids need to train more instead of looking at their social media accounts all the time
But man, Djokovic made the kid run around the whole match when he was on control.