2020 US Open 3R - Cilic vs Thiem

Who will win this match?

  • Thiem in 5 sets

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  • Cilic in 3 sets

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  • Cilic in 5 sets

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ATP H2H: 2-0 for Thiem

It is a clash between the winner of the US Open 2014 (to date the last new Grand Slam champion) and the current World No. 3. Both tennis players reached 3 Grand Slam finals and their maximum in the ATP rankings is 3rd place.
Thiem is the favorite of this match, but I expect that it will not be easy with Cilic. 3-1 for Thieminator.


I will be honest. I am a little scared. This is exactly the kind of match Thiem would turn into a 5 set slugfest,and he might even go close to losing.

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Dominick,,, It is ALL up to you now to beat novak,,,, your mission is here, it is up you to take it, and you will take it, you have no choice,,, this message will burn up in 5 seconds.


On paper the juciest R3 match but won't be able to watch it. I'm not staying up till 3/4am 2 nights in a row cause my sleep pattern is ruined. Was hoping this would have been first up in the night session or earlier, oh well. Difficult to not want to see the outcome of this one. I don't know how Cilic is serving but if his service is to a decent standard he can pose problems. Expect Thiem to win in 4 with a couple of TBs.