2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)


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Felix is killing Moutet.


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Anyone watching this Felix match? His level is crazy good. My god. So much power and ball striking talent. Can he give Novak a run for his money?


Anyone watching this Felix match? His level is crazy good. My god. So much power and ball striking talent. Can he give Novak a run for his money?

Maybe benefiting from the lack of a crowd. Shapo once said he'd always beat him in practice. But yeah his forehand is looking very good.


So far I've loved the relative lack of older players this US Open, but this Aliassime/Moutet match is making me miss Federer. If he was involved in a match as lopsided as this it would have been over 20 minutes ago and sounded like a firing range with all the aces and winners.
Moutet is playing extremely bad. If FAA weren't clowning around he could have triple bagelled the guy. Watching this, I'm no longer surprised by the unique triple bagels recorded in slams by the likes of Lendl, Edberg, Bruguera. They just got an opponent as bad as Moutet here and didn't let up trying to go all the way towards 6-0 6-0 6-0.


How did Murray play in his match with FAA though? Looks like FAA lost to Sandgren in Cinci and had a tough match with Monteiro in the 1R. So I dunno.

Murray beat Zverev in Cinci and then got double bread sticked by Raonic who lost to Pospisil here. Although Pospisil is playing well.


hunting for his first major...


·Felix Auger-Aliassime after booking spot in the last-16 of the US Open: 'I'm here to impose myself. Outside the court I'm a pretty kind person but once I step on court, it's the best man that wins. Only one survives. You've got to step it up with that animal and killer instinct.'


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I didn't know Wayne Ferreira was Tiafoe's coach. He's a blast from the past. That was a good win for Tiafoe.


Tiafoe just used hand shake with Fucsovics at the net... Why? It seemed deliberately... Is it allowed at all, can he be punished somehow... I mean I like him, but follow the rules dude...


So Tiafoe will be playing Felix? That could be interesting. Felix probably wins that


So the last American male under 23 to make it to the Round of 16 was Donald Young...9 years ago!?

Yeah, American men's tennis is in a good place.
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Both of these surprise me because I would expect RBA to win quite easily. He's in very good form and is a better player. I would have put RBA as firm favourite. Thiem/Cilic is much closer than those odds. I'm surprised by these two the rest look a fair reflection.


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After a loss like that, most players would be completely dejected and not want to be on social media or be bothered with anyone really. This new generation act like they can't function unless they are tweeting.
I think he was trying to convince himself that he could handle the loss. He probably didn’t handle it very well at all.